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Even though this game is very low quality, this game is made with Unreal Engine. That means you need quite some hardware to run it. I'm sorry but optimisation is not my strongest point :)


While watching television you realise you need to buy milk for the next morning. When you come back you realise something is not right...


Not So Home Alone is a small scary game made with Unreal Engine. I tried to make it psx style, but that did not work entirely. Instead I would just call it low quality lol. There are 2 endings, good and bad.


WASD - Move

F - Flashlight

LMB - Interact

How to play

Follow the instructions and find your way through the tasks you have to do.

Big shoutout to my friends for playtesting:






Please report bugs if you find any!

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
TagsHorror, Low-poly, Short


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very fun game! check out my channel and give me a follow!


Interesting game




Muito bom!

got me real good ya did

Muy buen juego


Good game!


NOT SO HOME ALONE: Mientras ves la televisión te das cuenta que necesitas comprar leche para la mañana siguiente, pero cuando regresas te das cuenta de que algo no está bien...

Muchas gracias por compartir el juego, saludos!!!


Jump scares!

Nicee, seremin sih kalo kebangun malam-malam terus ada yang nongol. Tapi pas lagi main dan nge interaksi di dalam gamenya malah background desktop yang ke klik, kayak mousenya gak ke lock di gamenya aja.

Terima kasih sudah bermain! Saya juga mengalami masalah itu, saya masih mencoba mencari solusinya.


beep boop bap. very good game.


This was a fun little game! Great job my friend I recommend. I got the bad ending but still it was good. Check out my gameplay video, sub and help my channel grow!

Hey guys! hope you enjoyed the vide as much as I enjoyed the game! 

Comments below clip:

Well, you go out to get some milk, but when you get back home, it looks like something has happened while you were gone. The game has 2 endings, for whatever reason, I got the good one :o]

I didn’t run into any bugs, hiccups or other snags, so kudos to all involved and thank you for making this interesting game! I had tons of fun playing it.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked it. If you went to look what made that sound in the living room, you would have gotten the bad ending ;)


Jey Jpey,

Yes, I heard that from Boogadoo Games, who had both endings in his game. I, on the other hand, am a 1-ending guy, regardless :o]


Really like the graphics, short and sweet!

é um bom jogo mas a interação como itens e portas estão ruins e a seta do mouse fica aparecendo

Me desculpe por ouvir isso, você poderia especificar o que você fez que pode ter causado os problemas? Talvez eu possa corrigir os bugs.

não me lembro de fazer algo diferente, só iniciei o jogo e isso aconteceu, mas consegui fazer o final ruim

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Obrigado pelo seu feedback, ainda estou testando o jogo em busca de bugs. Talvez eu encontre o que você encontrou. Obrigado por jogar e vou tentar corrigir o problema o mais rápido possível!


Otro susto que me ha quitado días de vida...

Gracias creador!


This really got to me, really enjoyed it :)


Scary!! I was really Not So Home Alone :O


Played your game in my series and I've got to say it was really well made and well done and when I tell you the jumpscare got me I mean it got me good anyways good job and cant wait to see what else you create!

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it!




Nice this was really great game i like very much well done keep it up!

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